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The Magic of a Ceramic Coating Powers the WOW Factor!

The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

  • Ultimate Protection for your paint, trim and wheels
  • Make you ride look BETTER than NEW – and stay that way for years
  • Extreme gloss – significantly better than any wax or sealant
  • Lasts for YEARS not weeks or months
  • Easier to clean – bugs and bird droppinggs are easily cleaned
  • Extremely hydrophobic – beads like crazy!
  • Great value
  • All Ceramic Coating installs include one FREE exterior maintence wash 4-6 months after install
  • 25% OFF – ALL future exterior maintenance washes

What is the Ceramic Coating Process?

  • Decontamination Wash with high pH Chemicals
  • Additional Decon Wash with Iron Remover
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Machine Buff  – Polish/Compound (one-step process; two-step (compound and then polish is additional cost)
  • All surface wipe down with prep solvent
  • Apply ceramic coating to all paint, trim and wheel faces
  • Cure overnight in heated detail bay

Applying a Pro Grade Ceramic Coating

The Fastidious Detailing Ceramic Coating Package

We offer but one ceramic coating package.  The preparation work is extensive and offering a one- or two-year coating simply does not make sense.  Nor is it a good value.  Instead, we use only a cutting edge 3 to 5+ year rated  sediment suspension ceramic coating.  Our service includes:



Door Jambs

Wheel Faces 

The latter seals your wheel faces from brake dust and makes them easier to clean.

The Ceramic Coating Package prices are for EXTERIOR only.  Interior detailing is available separately.

Small/Medium Sedan:  $850

Medium SUV/Large Sedan:  $975

Pickup Truck/Large SUV/Minivan/4-door Wrangler:  $1100

Prices may vary due to vehicle’s condition  that may require additional work.